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Herbaceous & Perennials

2020 Perennial List:

Description  Pot Size Price

Alstromeria Bryce 3L £9.95

Alstromeria Cabana 3L £9.95

Alstromeria Indigo 3L £9.95

Alstromeria Maya 3L £9.95

Alstromeria Passion 3L £9.95

Alstromeria Red 3L £9.95

Alstromeria Sunshine 3L £9.95

Alstromeria Indian Summer (Border) (60cm large) 3L £9.95

Alstromeria Summer Saint (Border) (60cm large) 3L £9.95

Anemone Crispa 1.5L £5.99

Anemone Elfin Swan 1.5L £8.99

Anemone September Charm 1.5L £5.99

Aquilegia Swan Pink and Yellow 1.5L £3.99

Aquilegia Swan Red and White 1.5L £3.99

Aquilegia Swan Yellow 1.5L £3.99

Arabis Lotti Deep Rose 1.5L £3.99

Arabis Lotti White 1.5L £3.99

Armeria Ballerina Lilac 1.5L £3.99

Armeria Ballerina Red 1.5L £3.99

Armeria Ballerina White 1.5L £3.99

Astrantia Purple Joyce 1.5L £6.99

Aubrieta Double Pink 1L £3.99

Aubrieta Katie Blue 1L £2.99

Aubrieta Katie Purple Shades 1L £2.99

Aubrieta Katie Red Shades 1L £2.99

Aubrieta Variegated 1L £3.90

Aubrieta Westacre Gold 1L £3.99

Campanula Bell Blue 1.5L £3.99

Campanula Bell White 1.5L £3.99

Campanula Rapido Blue 1.5L £3.99

Campanula Rapido White 1.5L £3.99

Campanula Takion Blue 1.5L £3.99

Campanula Takion White 1.5L £3.99

Clematis China Purple Tall Pot £8.99 - Coming soon

Coreopsis UpTick Yellow Red 2L £4.99

Coreopsis UpTick Gold Bronze 2L £4.99

Coreopsis Golden Sphere 2L £4.99

Crocosmia Honey Angels 1.5L £4.99

Crocosmia Limpopo 1.5L £4.99

Crocosmia Lucifer 1.5L £4.99

Delphinium Aurora Blue 2L £4.99

Delphinium Aurora Blue Light 2L £4.99

Delphinium Aurora Lavender 2L £4.99

Delphinium Aurora Pink Dawn 2L £4.99

Delphinium Aurora Deep Purple 2L £4.99

Delphinium Diamonds Blue 1.5L £3.99

Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue White Bee 1.5L £3.99

Delphinium Magic Fountain Sky Blue White Bee 1.5L £3.99

Delphinium Magic Fountain Lavender White Bee 1.5L £3.99

Delphinium Magic Fountain Pure White 1.5L £3.99

Dianthus Odessa Amy  £1.80

Dianthus Odessa Easy Pink  £1.80

Dianthus Odessa Pure  £1.80

Dianthus Odessa Red  £1.80

Dianthus Arctic Fire 1.5L £3.99

Dianthus Kahori 1.5L £3.99 and small £1.80

Dianthus Kahori Scarlet  £1.80

Dicentra spectabilis Alba 2L £5.99

Dicentra spectabilis 2L £5.99

Digitalis Foxlight Plum Gold 2L £4.99

Digitalis Foxlight Rose Ivory 2L £4.99

Digitalis Dalmation Cream 1.5L £3.99

Digitalis Dalmation Purple 1.5L £3.99

Digitalis Dalmation Rose 1.5L £3.99

Digitalis Dalmation White 1.5L £3.99

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit 2L £4.99

Echinacea Strawberry and Cream 2L £9.95

Erodium White 1.5L £3.99

Erodium Bishops Form 1.5L £3.99

Eryngium Blue Hobbit 1.5L £3.99

Erysimum Apricot Twist 1.5L £3.99

Erysimum Bowles Mauve 1.5L £3.99

Erysimum Fragrant Sunshine 1.5L £3.99

Gaillardia Mesa Peach 2L £4.99

Gaillardia Mesa Red 2L £4.99

Gaillardia Mesa Yellow 2L £4.99

Geranium Vision Pink 3L £5.99

Geranium Vision Violet 3L £5.99

Geum Blazing Sunset 1.5L £4.99

Geum Koi 1.5L £4.99

Geum Lady Stratheden 1.5L £4.99

Geum Cocktail Cosmopolitan 1.5L £6.99

Gypsophila Pretty Maid 2L £5.99

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears 1.5L £6.99

Hosta Bressingham Blue 1.5L £6.99

Hosta Captains Adventure 1.5L £6.99

Hosta Elisabeth 1.5L £6.99

Hosta Lady Guinevere 1.5L £6.99

Hosta White Feather 1.5L £6.99

Kniphofia Flamenco Mix 1.5L £4.99

Lathyrus latifolius Mixed Tall Pot £8.99

Lavandula Munstead 1.5L £3.99  

Lavandula Ellagance Purple 1.5L £3.99 - Coming soon

Lavandula Ellagance Sky 1.5L £3.99 - Coming soon

Lavandula Ellagance Snow 1.5L £3.99 - Coming soon

Lavandula Hidcote 1.5L £3.99

Liatris spicata 1.5L £5.99

Lithodora Blue Star 1.5L £3.99

Lobelia Starship Deep Rose 2L  £4.99

Lobelia Starship Scarlet 2L £4.99

Lupin Gallery Blue 1.5L £3.99

Lupin Gallery Pink 1.5L £3.99

Lupin Gallery Red 1.5L £3.99

Lupin Gallery White 1.5L £3.99

Lupin Gallery Yellow 1.5L £3.99

Monarda Balmy Lilac 1.5L £3.99

Monarda Balmy Pink 1.5L £3.99

Monarda Balmy Purple 1.5L £3.99

Paeonia Dublin 4L Rose £9.95

Paeonia Duchess De Nemours 4L Rose £12.95

Paeonia Kiev 4L Rose £9.95

Paeonia London 4L Rose £9.95

Paeonia Monsieur Jules Elis 4L Rose £10.95

Paeonia Red Double 4L Rose £8.99

Papaver Spring Fever Mix 1.5L £3.99

Passiflora caerulea Tall Pot £8.99

Passiflora Purple Haze Tall Pot £8.99

Penstemon Arabesque Pink 1.5L £3.99

Penstemon Arabesque Red 1.5L £3.99

Penstemon Arabesque Violet 1.5L £3.99

Penstemon Electric Blue 1.5L £3.99

Perovskia Blue Steel 1.5L £3.99

Phlox Chattahoochee 1.5L £3.99

Phlox Clouds of Perfume 1.5L £3.99

Phlox Bavaria 1.5L £3.99

Phlox Coral Eye 1.5L £3.99

Phlox Emerald Cushion 1.5L £3.99

Phlox McDaniels Cushion 1.5L £3.99

Phlox Scarlet Flame 1.5L £3.99

Physostegia Crystal Peak White 1.5L £4.99

Pulmonaria Silver Bouquet 1.5L £5.99  

Rudbeckia Goldsturm 2L £4.99

Salvia Amethyst Lips 1.5L £4.99

Salvia Cherry Lips 1.5L £4.99

Salvia Hot Lips 1L £3.99

Salvia Blue Marvel 1.5L £4.99

Salvia Rose Marvel 1.5L £4.99

Saxifraga Highlander White 1L £3.99

Saxifraga Rocco Red 1L £3.99

Scabiosa Flutter Deep Blue 1.5L £4.99

Scabiosa Flutter Pure White 1.5L £4.99

Scabiosa Flutter Rose Pink 1.5L £4.99

Sedum Angelina 1.5L £3.99

Sedum Voodoo 1.5L £3.99

Sedum Vera Jameson 1.5L £3.99

Tradescantia Ocean Blue 1.5L £5.99

Tradescantia Osprey 1.5L £5.99

Uvularia grandiflora 1.5L £6.99

Verbena Buenos Aies 2L £4.99

Veronica Moody Blues Dark Blue 1.5L £4.99

Veronica Moody Blues Pink 1.5L £4.99

Veronica Moody Blues White 1.5L £4.99

Below is a list of perennial we have grown this year, we have a few other things available such as heuchera & iris in the pictures.

The list above is as accurate as possible, errors and items out of stock may occur.